Neumann Gefell

$ 299.00 

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large diaphragm omnidirectional capsule, original seal intact
very good cosmetic condition
works perfectly and sounds great!
Capsule only, no mic body, cables or power supply.

*Gefell (in east Germany) is the name of the town where the Neumann factory was before World War II. After the war Neumann relocated in the west and continued managing the factory in Gefell from a distance. The East German communist government took over the factory sometime in the 1960s and started labeling everything RFT, which was the government name for lots of electronics products in east Germany (not all RFT products are from Neumann Gefell, the RFT name is on a lot of junk as well - RFT dynamic and crystal mics are not from Gefell). The RFT-labelled products from the Gefell factory are of the same high quality.

When East Germany collapsed and the Berlin wall came down in 1989, the Gefell mic company renamed itself Microtech and continues to make state-of-the-art mics and replacement parts. Neumann sued to get their company back in the 1990s, as did many companies whose property had been taken by the government, but I don't know what the outcome was.

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