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Rare Schoeps/Siemens M221a tube microphone with AC701 tube, switchable cardioid/omni capsule, with original case.

Works perfectly, no cable, power supply, clip or manual

Manufacturer's description:

The M 221 was introduced in 1954. Taking advantage of the TELEFUNKEN AC701k valve, the M 221 was the very first tube microphone on the market with a diameter of only 20 mm.
The M 221 A was manufactured in limited quantities for just a few months. Following improvements to the design the M 221 B was introduced. The most obvious difference between the A and B versions was the way the capsule was mechanically adapted to the amplifier body. The M 221 A type has female threads and the B model male threads (the same as the current generation SCHOEPS Colette Series amplifiers but with a different contact plate).
As the electrical circuitry is very similar in all types, you may use the new power supply NTM 221 with the included K5 TU cable for all versions.

Condenser microphones of the M 221 series are proven small microphones for studios. Their good electroacoustic properties (for these times) ensure that they are capable of a wide range of applications in sound recording for radio, television and music recording. The special characteristic of this model series is the use of a uniform microphone preamplifier the M 221, with a wide range of microphone capsules each designed to respond to specific requirements of different types of professional sound recording.

The M 221 microphones are very constant and uniform in their technical
values.The microphone amplifier contains all amplifier elements. An AC701 (AEG-Telefunken) tube is used.

The microphone output impedance is 200 Ohms. On delivery the M 221's output could be soldered to an output impedance of 50 ohms, the output level then being 6 dB lower. The 200 ohm model is characterized by a blue mark at the lower end (plug side) of the casing, the 50 ohm model is characterized by a red point. The microphone amplifier is provided with a 6-pole plug connection (T 3402, Tuchel). The microphones are insensitive to low frequency magnetic fields and to interfering influences of external high frequency fields because of the twin leg output transformer design.

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