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little plastic tab on the directional switch is broken off, switch still works

good condition, works perfectly.

no clip, windscreen, case or manual.

The design of this large diaphragm condenser microphone is based on experience gained in long-term and worldwide operation of the previous models C 12A, C 12B and C 414. Modern technology and reliable components now enable us to offer additional features in the same space.

The microphone meets the highest professional standards and will withstand normal rough handling in studio applications. The main features are as follows: A twin-diaphragm system enables the selection of different microphone polar patterns. The diaphragm is manufactured from a special gold-flashed plastic foil. The gold layer is deposited onto the diaphragm only on the outer side to prevent short circuiting to the main electrode when extremely high sound pressure levels are applied to the microphone.

Preattenuation has been incorporated to permit the increase of undistorted maximum sound pressure levels by 10 or 20 dB for close-up recordings. This technique inhibits distortion in the small transformers used in the microphone output or sound mixer inputs. The incorporated bass-cut circuitry reduces the risk of distortion at low frequencies. This feature is especially useful in combatting wind noise and stage floor vibration. The slope of the bass-cut filter is more than 12 dB per octave, the cut-off frequency may be set to 75 Hz or 150 Hz.

The all-metal housing adds to the rejection of r.f. interference when the microphone is used in close proximity to transmitter stations or in conjunction with wireless microphones or other communication equipí«_ment. In addition to extremely wide-range low-distortion performance and temperature/humidity-resistant construction, this mic offers remarkable operational flexibility.

A recessed switch on the front enables the user to select any one of four different polar patterns to adjust for different recording situations. Four different types of microphones are thus combined in only one C 414 EB. The chosen polar patterns are highly uniform and frequency independent to guarantee the same sound character for all angles of incidence.



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