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excellent cosmetic condition, perfect working condition (due to the preamp modification the Bass roll-off and phase switches have been removed)

With swivel-mount cable (terminates to 2 XLR connectors) and original box, no clip, case or manual

This B&O BM5 stereo ribbon microphone has recently returned from Talking Dog Transducer Co., where Stephen Sank extensively modified it, turning it into what many consider the best stereo mic on the planet.

The mic, now dubbed "BM5-BX/PH", had the following mods done:1)Ribbons in both sections replaced with RCA-spec, fully corrugated,1.8u aluminum ribbons, made using the same corrugator, cutting jigs and tools that RCA's Harry Olson used to prototype the very first ribbon mic ever made.2)Built and installed a two channel CloudLifter phantom-powered,dc-coupled, differential JFET cascode pre-preamplifier circuit board,in the space formerly occupied by the unreliable & fairly useless talk/music & phase switch assembly.3)Completely rewired entire mic with high purity, high-temp enamelled solid core copper wire and teflon/silverplate copper wire, adding a hard-wire ground line between upper & lower mic sections, via several unused pins on the mating connector.

This mic is now compatible with virtually any preamp/mixer that is equipped with +48volt phantom power, having more output leve lthan the average SM58 or other dynamic mic.  It also now sounds bette rthan even the Royer SF24, as it has lighter ribbons and Alnico magnets, giving it much more natural & uncolored sound than the SF24or any other mic using 'modern' neodymium or other rare earth magnets,which constrict dynamics(unless a balance is achieved between ribbon mass/compliance & magnet mass/strength, which has not been done in any modern stereo ribbon mic).  The small Alnico magnets in the BM5 previously made these wonderful mics very hard to use, due to very low output level, but the CloudLifter pre-preamp circuit completely solves this problem, with absolutely no negative effects on the sound.

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