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This vintage Electro-Voice CS15 condenser microphone looks good and works perfectly
no case, clip, cable or manual
XLR connector
From the original manufacturer's description:
The Electro-Voice Model CS15 is a professional phantom powered electret con­denser cardioid microphone designed especially for recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement applications where the smooth, wide-range response of a studio microphone is desired. The machined steel case and rugged internal design enable the CS15 to withstand abuse.
The CS15, being a true cardioid microphone, offers greatest rejection at 180° off axis, directly to the rear of the microphone. Like all other condenser cardioid microphones, the CS15 is a single D cardioid. Due to the proximity effect in all single D cardioids, the low-frequency response of the CS15 is dependent upon the distance from the sound source to the mic.
Maximum bass response is produced in close-up use with the microphone one quarter of an inch from the sound source. Minimum bass response is experienced at distances greater than twenty-four inches. By working closer to the microphone than otherwise might be natural, the human voice will sound more robust, although intelligibility may be adversely affected.
The CS15 Condenser Microphone requires a remote power supply in order to operate. Power may be obtained from a microphone input equipped with remote powering (48 VDC) or from an accessory power supply placed in the line between the microphone and mixer input.
A removable blast filter (Model 315) is supplied with the CS15. This filter is designed to reduce P-popping and blasting commonly encountered in close-miking applications.

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