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From the original manufacturer's description:
The Electro-Voice N/D408B is a supercardioid dynamic microphone that is ideally suited to percussion, guitar amp and horns for live performance and studio recording. The unique pivoting yoke configuration provides the maximum flexibility in positioning the microphone near a sound source.
With a computer-optimized design, the N/DYM magnetic structure is maximized in the N/D408B to provide 6 dB more output sensitivity over conventional designs while the more uniform magnetic field lowers distortion during peak sound pressure levels.
The N/DYM magnet geometry combined with a reinforced diaphragm design forms a smooth, extended frequency response with a warm, open, transparent sound quality only found in studio quality microphones. The N/D408B also utilizes a hum-bucking coil to reduce hum from lighting and other power sources.
The N/D408B microphone features the AcoustiDYM™ shock-mount system. This unique vibration-isolation system works as a multi-stage device. At low frequencies a rear sound wave cancels the diaphragm motion, while at high frequencies the specially designed rubber shock mount isolates that transducer from motion. Combining AcoustiDYM with the elastomeric Warm-Grip™ handle and windscreen bumper forms an advanced technology vibration-isolation system while dramatically reduces all forms of handling noise for the most demanding situations.
The N/D408B has a supercardioid polar pattern. Compared to the more traditional, heart-shaped cardioid pattern, a supercardioid pattern rejects more sound at the sides and rear overall. The characteristics tend to reduce feedback under live performance conditions, particularly with typical monitor speaker placements. Also, the N/D408B’s polar pattern are unusually uniform with frequency, insuring superior gain-before-feedback in live applications and superior isolation in the studio.
The N/D408B’s pop filter is a unique design utilizing a combination of Acoustifoam™ and a high-density fabric to form a material composite which maximizes rejection of both wind noise and vocal P-pops. This design makes the pop filter an integral part of the microphone’s removable front grille assembly, allowing easy cleaning for continued top performance.
The low-frequency response of the N/D408B can be extended by positioning the microphone closer to the sound source. This proximity effect occurs when the microphone is placed within 12 inches of the sound source and increases as the working distance is reduced. The low-frequency response is tailored to provide bass boost without the "boominess" of many directional microphones. Thus, closer working distances can be used with the N/D408B to reduce the risk of sound system feedback (ringing) while preserving instrument tonality.
The dynamic element of the N/D408B will provide reliable operation in humidity and temperature extremes – adverse conditions that would render condenser microphones useless. The N/D408B utilizes an all-metal-core construction, from the hardened windscreen to the yoke-mounting system.
    Supercardioid dynamic microphone
    Pivoting yoke for maximum positioning flexibility
    AcoustiDYM™ shock-mount system
    Hum-bucking coil reduces hum from lighting and other power sources
    Removable front grille assembly for easy cleaning
    Reliable operation in humidity and temperature extremes

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