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This vintage Electro-Voice RE16 dynamic microphone looks excellent and works perfectly
with pouch, no case, clip, cable or manual
XLR connector
From the original manufacturer's description:
The Electro-Voice Model RE16 is a Variable-D® dynamic supercardioid micro­phone designed for the most exacting professional use. It is like the RE15, except that it uses a unique blast filter. The blast filter, an integral part of the RE16, permits hand-held and outdoor use without "P-popping" or excessive wind noise.
Utilizing the Variable-D® design, the RE16 features a directional characteristic independent of frequency. The result is a microphone that generates little off-axis coloration while providing the greatest rejection of unwanted sounds. A super-cardioid, the RE16 provides its greatest rejection at 150 degrees off axis. Typical cardioids provide greatest rejection in the horizontal plane when the microphone is tilted In its most natural position –30 degrees from horizontal as on a boom or floor stand.
An easily operated "bass-tilt" switch corrects spectrum balance for boom use and other longer reach situations. A "hum-buck" coil and screw-machined steel outer casing provide 25 dB of hum rejection. Hum pickup level is –125 dBm (re: .001 gauss field).
Using the mechanical nesting concept of design, by means of which the internal transducer parts are nested one within another, the RE16 transducer is a nearly solid mechanical structure that is highly resistant to damage from mechanical shock. The Memraflex grille screen resists deformation. The exclusive non-metallic Electro-Voice Acoustalloy diaphragm is virtually unaffected by extremes of atmospheric conditions. A carefully designed steel outer case provides additional mechanical protection. Finish is non-reflecting fawn beige micomatte.
The E-V RE16 stand adapter and soft case
    Variable-D® dynamic podium or hand-held microphone.
    Tight, supercardioid pattern is uniform over a wide frequency range for consistent sound quality at all pickup angles.
    Variable-D® design virtually eliminates the up-close bass boost (proximity effect) that can make vocals sound "muddy."
    Excellent for podium use where high intelligibility is important.

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