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better than new, upgraded with brand new RCA ribbon*

very good condition, works perfectly
vintage ribbon mic from the 1970s by MBHO/Haun
with case, no clip or manual

From Xaudia's blog:

The MB301 uses a Beyer pistonic ribbon, but the motor is completely different. The Beyer M260 uses four glued rectangular magnets to make the motor,  but the MB301 employs a single large cast ferrous horseshoe magnet. In this respect it looks more like an RCA BK5 or Oktava ML19.
I think it more likely that the magnet is taken from the Beyer M320 / M360 models, with different pole pieces, although I have not had the chance to compare these on the bench at the same time. Either way, the MB301 is a microphone in its own right, and not a copy of something else. They sound pretty good with plenty of top end and bass, and the big magnets give a stronger output signal than the early M260s.

Tuchel** connector, XLR adapter cable included.
*reconditioned by Stephen Sank with brand new RCA 77DX ribbon, freshly made from NOS RCA ribbon stock, using Harry Olson's original engineering shop ribbon making tools, resulting in massively reduced distortion (virtually to zero) & a total absence of ribbon fatigue (big problem with the stock ribbon), as well as greatly improved overall tonal balance. Unless abused with beyond kickdrum SPL or extreme winds, it will sound just as good the day it's modified as it will in 30 years & beyond.
Ribbon is guaranteed for 1 year, unless you blow into the mic or plug it into phantom power (don't do that!)
**Tuchel is a brand name, like Neutrik or RCA. Tuchel was the premier supplier of connectors for German mic companies from the '50s to the '80s, until these connectors were phased out as XLR became the worldwide standard.

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