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The Neumann DMI-2 digital microphone interface allows you to convert your Neumann digital mic's AES 42 signal into a more common AES/EBU format. These microphones bring legendary Neumann performance into the digital realm, and the 2-channel DMI-2 gives you the ability to take advantage of this capability in the recording studio or broadcast application. Controlled by Neumann's RCS remote control software, the DMI-2 includes its own word clock, which engages automatically if no other word clock signal is present. Put Neumann's Solution-D mics to work for you with the DMI-2!

Neumann DMI-2 Two-channel Digital Microphone Interface at a Glance:

    Convert your Neumann digital mic's signal to AES/EBU
    Control it remotely
    Built-in word clock

Convert your Neumann digital mic's signal to AES/EBU
Equipment that supports the new AES 42 standard can process the output signals of Solution-D microphones directly. In all other cases, the DMI-2 digital microphone interface is necessary. The DMI-2 converts the AES 42 data format supplied by the microphone into an AES/EBU signal.

Control it remotely
The DMI-2 is operated via the Neumann RCS remote control software, which is installed on a desktop or laptop computer. The computer is connected to the DMI-2 via a USB port and a USB to RS 485 interface converter. If a large number of microphones is used, several DMI-2s can be cascaded. In this case, each digital microphone interface can be addressed individually. External commands such as "On Air" (red light) can be controlled via a 9-pin user port.

Built-in word clock
In addition to a word clock input and output, the DMI-2 also has an internal word clock generator. If no master word clock signal (e.g. from a mixing console) is present at the input, the DMI-2 internal word clock is used automatically to synchronize the two microphone channels, and the signal is switched to the word clock output.
Neumann DMI-2 Two-channel Digital Microphone Interface Features:

    Converts Solution-D digital mic signals from AES 42 to AES/EBU
    Cascadable for multiple-mic setups
    Built-in word clock to sync mic channels
    Works with Neumann RCS remote control software
    Small footprint for convenient placement

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