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very good condition, working perfectly
XLR connector, no cable, clip, case or manual included
From the original manufacturer's description:
"The Models SM53 and SM54 are rugged dynamic cardioid microphones expressly designed for professional applications requiring the ultimate in sound quality and control. The performance and appearance of the two models are very similar; however, the SM54 is specifically designed for use in very difficult close talking and hand-held situations because of its immunity to "pop" and breath blasts. Microphone Features:
-åÊ Broad, smooth frequency response: provides clean, natural reproduction of both voice and music.
- Cardioid directional pattern: optimum for wide front working area with excellent side and rearåÊåÊåÊåÊ rejection; off-axis rejection is uniform with frequency and symmetrical about axis to prevent soundåÊ coloration and provide maximum control of unwanted sound.
-åÊ Integral acoustic "pop" filter on the SM54 virtually eliminates problems of explosive speech and breath sounds.
-åÊ Minimal proximity effect: same well-balanced sound from close talking to distant pickup.
-åÊ Mechanical noise isolation: cartridge shockmounted to minimize stand and handling noise.
-åÊ Bass rolloff switch: provides a gradual low frequency rolloff in applications where an overall rising response characteristic is advantageous.
-åÊ Extremely low hum sensitivity: permits use in extreme hum fields.
-åÊ Rugged construction: assures dependable operation with unchanging performance
The SM53 and SM54 are designed for both stand and hand-held use. No special precautions are required to avoid obstruction of the rear entries, since normal operation is assured even with only one of the small rear entry holes open. The reliable performance, outstanding features and handsome appearance of the SM53 and SM54 make them extremely versatile and ideally suited for many demanding applications in television, radio, recording, motion pictures and sound reinforcement. They may be intermixed on stage and on camera with near identical appearance and performance."

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