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The sound from these Stax SR-Lambda earspeakers is extraordinary - natural, clean, open, delicate, powerful, detailed, precise and revealing, all at the same time.
Stax electrostatic headphones win on subtlety. (Stax' marketing people have always called these "earspeakers" instead of headphones.) If you want to enjoy every nuance of your music across hours and hours of careful listening, these are your headphones.
There is no distortion. Every instrument, voice and multitrack layer is heard distinctly, never mushed into anything else. Instead of loud walls of crud, one hears everything separately, regardless of how loud you enjoy your music. Listening with these headphones, all the distortion and coloration of conventional speakers and headphones is stripped away, leaving only pure music.
If choral masterpieces are your thing, you know these are up your alley, and likewise, if Metallica and Aerosmith are for you, you may for the first time hear every one of the hundreds of mixed, deliberately distorted sound layers individually. You can separate every voice in the chorus, and hear distinctly every one of the hundreds of layers of sound added in multitrack recording.
Whatever distortion was in the guitar amp is all you're getting; you won't get any more by turning up these headphones.
These are thirty years old, and way outperform brand-new conventional dynamic headphones like the Sennheiser HD 800 and Ultrasone Edition 8 in every way. These Stax headphones excel because they are electrostatic, which have numerous advantages over conventional headphones like most Sennheiser, Ultrasone, Beyer, Grado and AKG.
Unlike electrostatic speakers, these headphones play LOUD, easily hitting 118 dB SPL without distortion. They are rated at 0.007% distortion at 400 Hz at 100 DB SPL, which is live concert level. The sound quality is spectacular, and they crank out more sound than you'd ever want.
These headphones work only with Stax' dedicated amplifiers or adapters. The Stax SRM Monitor amplifier complements them perfectly.

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